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Zephyr's Travel 2015

Day 1 Port de Grave to Petty Harbour

This is our plan, to sail from Port de Grave all the way to St. Pierre Miquelon, back up to Merasheen for the reunion!
Our venture has just begun we left Port de Grave at 8 am destined for Petty Harbour.  We arrived in Petty Harbour at 3pm.  It was a beautiful day, sunny skies, fair winds, got some swells of Cape St. Francis and Cape Spear but everything was fine!  Don and I were able to spend the whole time on the Bridge, which was great, got some sun burn and wind burn!

Coming out of Conception Bay we were lucky to see some icebergs but not so lucky in seeing any whales.  

Hoping for smooth sailing all the way, looking for whales and icebergs!

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Welcome to my site! April 22, 2023

Welcome to my site, I have photos here taken over the years from many events held here on the Port de Grave Peninsula and around the province and across the country.  Also, you find thousands of photos from the Bay Arena Minor Hockey and the Con. Bay North Figure Skating Club, Ascension Graduations, Bay Wheels and the list goes on!

Special events such as the Port de Grave Annual Boat Lighting and high seas from Green Point Lighthouse, located on the Port de Grave Peninsula!  Icebergs and whales!

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