sprzedaż mieszkania(non-registered)
Zapraszam podaje własną stronę internetową o moich zainteresowaniach sprzedaż mieszkania http://otki.pl/sprzedaz-mieszkan-radom/
Pat Penner(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures. We lived in Flowers Cove in '70-'72 & love keeping up with your wonderful & unique province.
From Weatherford, Oklahoma
The Hockey Mom(non-registered)
Beautiful, Joyce. You have a great talent.
eric burton(non-registered)
Ioved looking at your pic. Thank u
Judy O'Connell(non-registered)
It was with much delight that I tuned in to Land and Sea this past weekend and the program was about the boat lighting of 2013. I think it is such a beautiful thing for a community to come together to do. When the Harbour Master turned on the lights I was so emotional for everyone. I look forward to enjoying seeing this year's lighting.
Gloria Hodder (Best)(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures of a beautiful place. I visited Merasheen this past August, and see why my Dad wanted to go back. He was in a Continuing Care home for a few years before he passed. While there he wrote this message: "Cecil Best would like to go to Merasheen to stay in Merasheen." August 5, 2006. I'm so happy we got to bring his ashes back and I look forward to visiting there again.
Remembering Dad and Grandfather Best always but especially on this Remembrance Day, and all of the Men and Women who gave up so much for all Canadians.
Thank you for sharing.
Jeannie Pittman Hann(non-registered)
Great pictures-I love the place and so did mom Mary Bennett,her mother was also Mary Bennett. Her miaden name was Mary Greene.I spent time there when I was very small & Young around 9 years old-I never forgot the place. Would love to get a tent and pitch it on my grandmother's spot.Thanks for sharing those pics
Beautiful pictures of home...great to see ...
Thanks Jeannie! We had so many memories together travelling the province and Atlantic Canada with our boys, such good times! To bad digital pics weren't on the go than, I would have had a million plus! lol Glad to be able share the memories of the players.
Jeannie Hurley(non-registered)
Joyce, thanks for posting the great pictures. I love to follow my grandsons' hockey exploits on your site. I enjoy every picture and comment on some - eventhough I often don't know the children photographed. They remind me of all the great times we spent together at the Bay Arena and in most arenas around the province during our time with minor hockey.
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